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Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics Body Scrubs

Bomb Cosmetics Body Scrubs

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A lightly grained oil-based body scrub for use in the shower. Stir well before use. Scoop a small handful of scrub into your hands and apply to your body with a light circular scruffing motion, then wash it thoroughly from your body after use.


Grapefruit & Nectarine: Made with Sweet Almond oil, pure Grapefruit and Mandarin essential oils to help your skin glow and feel refreshed to the max!

Kiwi & Lime: Made with sweet almond oil, pure Lime and Black pepper essential oils, this scrub will leave your skin super soft! Gorgeously fruity fragrances leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Pink Himalayan Salt: Made with Sweet Almond oil, pure Chamomile and Geranium essential oils for glowing skin! The fresh oceanic fragrance with warmth of amber and rose will leave you feeling pampered!

Cranberry & Lime: Made with Sweet Almond oil and pure Black Pepper and Lime essential oils to stimulate and refresh! A juicy, fruity scent of cranberries, lime and notes of summer fruits with hints of white flowers on a woody base.

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